IBG Bootcamp/Training Registration Form

4-week bootcamp

The IBG Software bootcamp is an innovative training program designed to expose students to the skills they will need in order to succeed in today’s I.T. workforce.

Our bootcamp is an intensive, 4 week training program and anyone with one year in high school math can participate. Classes are highly collaborative, and results-driven. Within months of completion, all of our students have been able to get great jobs in the I.T. field. Some of them have been able to earn 90-100k per year immediately.

Tuition: $9,999.00 , Full Scholarship, or Partial Scholarship.

12-Month Engineering Training

The IBG 12 month training program is designed to fully prepare individuals with 12 months of extensive training on various technologies. This program also includes job placement assistance.

All of the the students that have participated in this program are earning 120k+ annually within 6 months of completion of the program.

Tuition: $79,500.00

For bootcamp scholarships, please send email to scholarships@ibgsoftware.com with the following information

  • *current income (verifiable)
  • *why you deserve full or partial scholarship
  • * explain how you handle adversity and challenging situations
Password must be atleast 7 character long.